Monday, May 10, 2010

"Friend Cafe"

Shane has such an amazing preschool teacher. She was such a blessing to us this year and just the teacher Shane needed. She has been so excited about Shane's new little brother that we are adopting from China. She put together a unit on China and Shane was so excited. Shane would wake up and ask if it was preschool day. When I would say yes he would say "Oh good I get to learn about my baby brother today!!" It was so fun to see the things that he learned and his excitement for the culture and country that his new brother is from. At the end of the unit they were going to go on a field trip to a ChineseRestaurant. The field trip fell through so Shane's teacher decided to have a Chinese Restaurantright in their classroom. It was called Peng You Cafe which means "Friend Cafe!" Shane was so excited for us to join him on this special day. It just so happened that a pipe by the girls school broke and the water was contaminated so school was canceled so the girls were able to come to the cafe as well. The girls were excited too!

Shane and some of his friends were busy in the kitchen making some stir fry!

MMMMM doesn't that look yummy!

The kids were served stir fry, rice, Mandarin oranges and of course tea. They also had the opportunity to try eating with chopsticks. It was fun watching all the kids try to carefully pick up their food or just try to stab it!

Alexa and Emma had fun too. Shane felt like such a big boy that the girls got to come to his school and be a part of his special day!

The kids also made homemade fortune cookies. Shane's teacher made fortunes for each of them to put inside the cookie. Shane's read "Shane, you are intelligent, kind and fun. You bring joy to so many and you will be the BEST big brother ever!"

What a fun morning!

Shane's teacher sent this special book home with him as a gift. She wrote a note to him inside. As I read to him the note that talked about what a great big brother he was going to be he was going to be he grinned from ear to ear.
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