Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Family

Our first "real" family portrait as a family of 6! 

Love the energy and joy he has brought to our family.

His smile lights up the room!

Four blessings .... we are blessed! 

He continues to blossom before our eyes.

His siblings love playing with him ...

he has added so much laughter and joy ... 

they love watching him discover this new world around him.

This picture is worth 1000 words.  This is who Max is .... the joy, the life, the energy, the blessing of walking hand in hand with our little boy! God is good! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nine Months Ago ...

Nine months of being in our arms and not a day goes by that I don't thank God for this little boy, a precious gift he has given our family. 

Max's personality continues to grow bigger by the day.  One of my friends said, "It is like he has this new life and he is going to embrace it with every ounce of him!" Yes embrace life is exactly what he does.  He wears his love for life on his sleeve.  He continues to love being outside.  Winter may get long when I have a little boy begging at the door to go outside. 

From the time we have gotten home Max loves to buckle things.  If he finds a buckle he will be occupied for quite a while. It is actually the thing that keeps him very busy while I try buzz through the grocery store.  He often screams with excitement when he ties it or screams in frustration because he just can't get it tied.  Like he said he wears his love or frustration for life on his sleeve and is not afraid to let others know how he is feeling.

This is what happens when life gets frustrating and he just can't get it tied.

But when he finally gets it tied his face lights up and the squeals of delight flow freely.

He is off once again, princess helmet and all.

Max is experiencing all the fun that fall brings.  The Apple Orchard is one of the kids favorite fall stops and they couldn't wait for Max to experience it too. It has been so much fun for the kids to see things through Max's eyes.

Max loved the animals and took it all in! 

Could he be any cuter?  Love the wonder in his little brown eyes. 

I loved seeing Max take off through the orchard .... once again a true picture of him letting go and taking it all in! 

He would stop and shake any apple he found.  There weren't too many apples because it was a really bad year at the Apple Orchard but when he found one he would check it out.

I love seeing how his relationship with each of his siblings continues to grow.  They each provide something different to him.  Shane is his playmate.  The play cars, wrestle, ride bike, run in the backyard, play in the mud ... you know all the things boys do.  Alexa is his nurturer.  He looks to her when he is tired or sad.  He will often will lay his head on her shoulder and cuddle with her when he is tired and has fallen asleep in her arms numerous times.  This picture is a clear picture of his relationship with Emma. She does life with him.  She slows him down and engages him in things around him.  She will sit and talk with him.  I often find him snuggled in a corner in his room with her reading books to him.  She will play school with him and teach him new words.  

She lets him experience life but is right next to him when he does it.

Max also experienced S'mores for the first time this fall.  I am sure you can only imagine what he thought of those yummy treats?

He quickly snuck a marshmallow that hardly fit in his little mouth.  He thought those were pretty tasty ...

but when he got the real deal in his hands he was all smiles and there were a lot of "mmmmmmm's" coming out of his mouth! 

There was still more fall fun to experience as we headed to Papa and Grammy's house.  We hit Pumpkin Land which is an annual stop and a treat for the kids. 

Max stoop by the How Tall This Fall sign?  Where will he be next fall! He has grown so much already ... it is time to slow down!

Max thought he was a pretty big boy when he picked up his pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. The kids love the pumpkin patch, the petting zoo, the corn maze, the store ....

and of course putting their heads through the cut outs around Pumpkin Land.  What a cute little pumpkin we have.

Many would say Max is blessed .... as a family we would say we are the ones that are blessed.  Our family and hearts will forever be changed. 
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