Friday, June 17, 2011

Five Months Ago ...

Where does the time go?  It is hard to believe that Max has been home for 5 months already.   We love spring and summer at our house so this month has been so fun as we get to see life through Max's eyes as he experiences so many new firsts in the outside world.


He loves spending time with his sisters and brother outside.  He often stands by the patio door when he wakes up and grunts as he tries to open it.  He squeals with excitement when the door opens and he gets to go outside.  He experienced play dough for the first time and he also quickly decided to eat some before anyone could catch him.


It has been fun to see Max and his sweet little friend Sam interact.  We feel so blessed to be on this journey with good friends as we love on and raise our Asian cuties. 


I love this picture of Sam and Max as it looks like she is instructing him how to drive already :) !


Max experienced all the fun festivities at the Annual Tulip Festival in my home town.  I remember the anticipation last year as I took a picture of my 3 little blessings knowing more than likely we would have a cute little Asian Dutch boy this year in our family picture.


Cute he be any cuter?


It has been fun to see the boys' relationship continue to grow. Shane is so excited to have a brother to show the ropes too.  He was pretty excited that he had partner in crime to scrub streets with him.  Papa had his hands a little more full this year with 2 busy boys. 


Max also had his first ride on the carousel.  He had that look like he did on his first swing ride ... "I am not quite sure I like this!" When it came to a stop he shook the pole to try to get it to go around again! 


As the weather warmed up it was time to break out the sprinkler. Once again another first for Max.  When ever he sees water he runs at it full speed with his mouth wide open. 


As you can see the sprinkler was a hit! 


Of course he thinks it is a good idea to take a break and try get a little drink.  The kids think he is so funny.  Of course he then has to put on a show when he knows he has an audience. 


A day in the sprinkler just isn't complete without lunch on a towel.  Oh it is going to be so hard for this little man when summer is over and we spend most of our days inside.  Don't worry we are taking full advantage of our time outside this summer.


Snack time on the deck is also a fun treat.  I love Max's little belly on this picture.  Yes he is eating like a champ and has added some good weight to his little body since he has been home. 


Max loves to cuddle with his sisters.  They love it when he sits by them long enough to fall asleep.  


Max has mastered the spoon ... for the most part.  Again looking back it is fun too see where he has come from and where he is going.  When I look back to the first days in China and we would put food in front of Max and he didn't have a clue how to feed himself at the age of 17 months it is amazing to see how far this little boy has come.  


Max also has experienced the lake for the first time.  We were pretty sure he would love it and that he did.  He didn't waste anytime getting wet and digging in to the sand.  


As you can see he has a new love ..... THE SAND! 


We are finally to a point that Max doesn't cry or pinch his lips as tight as he can when he sees his tooth brush.  It was pretty obvious that Max had never had his teeth brushed in the orphanage.  His breath was indescribable.  It was plain awful.  The first night we emailed our doctor and other adoptive families to see what we could do or if we needed to worry about something.  We were informed it was more than likely just lack of care and probably diet too.  Needless to say it became a fight to try to get those little teeth clean.  It took about 2 week until his breath was at least bearable.  Max saw the dentist for the first time this month and we were pleasantly surprised that there were no cavities.  We did find out the poor little thing had gingivitis.  His little mouth was just a breeding ground for bacteria between the gum infection and plaque build up.  We are thankful for some good breath, healthy gums and clean teeth now. 


Max is a little lover.  He climbs on my lap often with a lot of kisses to go with it.  He plants kisses on his siblings very freely.  When Eric gets home Max runs to him and and often grabs his hands between his little hands and pulls him in for a kiss.  When I think back to the day we stood in his room at his orphanage and heard from his nanny that since he was one of the better ones in the room he didn't get much love or many hugs.  Hearing those words broke this mommy's heart in two but we continue to see how God protected our sweet little boy's heart.  Today he knows what it means to be loved and to love.  He gives and receives hugs and kisses freely.  I will forever be thankful for all his sloppy little kisses on my lips.  Here he is kissing all his little animals.


And of course there were hugs to go with it! 


This little smile is something we see an awful lot of.  Max is rarely grumpy and he still smiles bigger than life every time you pick him up.  He continues to crack himself up with things he does or noises he makes.  He is full of life ... you can see it in those eyes and that smile.

Happy 5 months with your forever family little man! 
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