The Call

On Tuesday, August 17 at 2:10 we got a call that would forever change our life. It was our social worker telling me there was a little boy in Shandong China who was waiting to be adopted and we had 24 hours to review his file and consult with doctors and decide if this was the little boy that God had called us to love and make part of our family.

I called Eric who happened to be 5 minutes from the house. Tears streamed down my face as I watched the file of our little boy come into my inbox. I called Eric again just to make sure he was coming. Yes, he was 2 minutes away!

We sat together and opened the file and saw the face of our son for the first time. I knew this was the little boy that God had for us when I saw his face. We spent the next hours pouring over his file and pictures. We consulted with doctors but most importantly we prayed that God would block this if it wasn't the little boy he had for our family.

On Wednesday morning we accept his referral. We couldn't be more excited. We are in love already!!

With joy and thanksgiving we introduce you to our son.

His Chinese name is Fu Zhida

He is from the Shandong providence in China.

His birthday is August 6, 2009 so he is one year old.

Please pray with us for health, safety and that he is loved until we see him face to face and he is in our arms.

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