Friday, January 13, 2012

A Surprise In My Inbox

Today there was a fun surprise in my in box.  At first I thought it was spam when I saw the chinese writing ... then I saw Zhida and I knew it was from China.  It was Max's orphanage checking in to see how he was doing and asking for pictures.  We gave them our email when we visited but didn't know if they would follow through.  It will be fun to be able to stay in contact with them.  I sent a little note that google translator helped me translate to Chinese and some pictures of our sweet boy.  They wouldn't know Zhida back. I can't wait to hear back from them! 

Dear ,
    Happy new year.
    In China, the most important festival-Spring Festival is coming! Rich blessings for health and longevity is my special wish for you in the coming year .We hope Zhida can take to you happiness after the kid joins your family, in this period, if you would like, we hope to see the pictures of the kid and your families so that we can know about his life status.
    We appreciate very much for your love and support! Look forward to hearing about the news of kids often from you! And always bless for you all!

Jinan Social Welfare Institution


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